by Mistah Write

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released December 24, 2011

Beats by DJ BlackSheep unless otherwise specified



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Mistah Write Boulder, Colorado

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Track Name: Mistah Write - Evolution (beat by Eclipse tha Producer)
every night we die and each morning reborn
every night we die and each morning reborn
every night we die and each morning reborn
Save your heart for someone who's worth dying for

life as I understand it is based in DNA
carbon chains protected by telomeres on the ends
of the double helix strands one thing i can say
is that it's well accepted it has mutations
one thing that does this is actually a virus
thru infections or technological injections
whatever DNA that happens to be implanted
in the virus which scientists can modify or examine
installs itself into the structure of the life form
i'm pretty sure that's why there's no cure for them
and why there'll never be one for things like the common cold
but then again i don't know, i'm just repeating what i was told
essentially, our genes continue to change
while each one of us is alive every day
and then when we mate, half of them are exchanged
it's kind of crazy to think of how we're made

I want to say that every cell of our body is replaced
every 7 years or so, I think that's amazing
we're no longer the same person we were yesterday
i guess that's why I stop to consider what I ate
you are what you eat, what gives life and takes it away?
I have to think of tomorrow as I'm constantly reshaped
while focusing on today because what I do now
leads me to my next stage where I can either take a bow
or fall flat on my face, so keep your steps in pace
but we're all in God's grace, it's up to everyone
what kind of world we create because we're all one
so that trash on the street in front of my neighbor's place
is just as much mine, but if I see you throw it
I would like to spend some time and make sure you know that
all life has to pay for each individual's mistakes
I'd rather be cleaning and fixing than making things break

stress and relaxation are a naturally part of life
each can strengthen or weaken our information pipes
how much can one person handle in a single night?
what's an appropriate balance for both at one time?
too much stress and wakefulness your genes develop cancer
too much relaxation and it seems like nothing gets done here
but the more we push the limits of how far we've been
the stronger the caps on our genes tend to form
I think we can relax and become stressed more than average
but you might prepare and get ready for blast off
because in 4, 3, 2, 1 I'm flying to the rings of Saturn
before you even witness my disappearance I'll be back here
the body's a vessel traveling thru space and time
emitting biomagnetic fields from the heart and mind
memories regulate horomones in the hippocampus
for stress released by the amygdala, others the pineal gland
Track Name: Monstah Write - These Problems Seem To Follow
Lyrics for “These Problems Seem To Follow”
by Chad Harrington (aka Monstah Write)

Where ever I go, Whatever I do
These problems seem to follow
These noises in my head is driving me mad
so I slug another bottle

Life on a downward spiral feels like things just getting worse
or I could go viral/ and have a Benz parked on my curb
this song would be worth it if only one of you heard it
cuz right now i feel so worthless. it seems i’ve been cursed
like someone’s getting checks from monster corporations
maybe a gas company that wants to break my face in
because they hate the truth behind the words I’m saying
luckily i have these great friends to my amazement
their love and support reignited my flame of motivation
maintaining my sanity despite no stable occupation
someone’s doing work digging up dirt to throw on my name again
if i had to guess they’re placin bets and getting paid and shit
by a record label who knows LAVA is competition
and so they tryin’ to make me bleed slow and stop my mission
that’s why i’m gonna have to takeover corporations
let my ganesh love smash begin the purification


I ain’t ever callin the po-po, that’s a big no-no
cuz I did once./ now I wonder where’d all my dough go
before I repeat it i’ll feed this 44 and put to sleep these bozos
jack the clown’s wallet and ask someone to snap our photo
cuz the code on those robots so botched its only a loop of NO-OPS/
i thought this game was co-op but I’m the only one to go off
you think I’m makin bank but I can no longer pay for the dojo
when my power gets cut off it’ll be too late to say no don’t go
you all done messed with me enough in your inbred town
treated you like nothing but a friend, felt like you threw me out
your party must be the ones desperate to maintain control
and market all the work i’ve put in as your very own
of course, that’s probably after you planned to murk me
from the sounds of it the unit’s all topsy turvy
a bunch of zombies who need brains cuz no one’s working
sinkin the fangs like a giant mosquito on Earth’s energy


you bring out the worst in me, but the masses are on my side
I declare peace here, there never was a reason to fight.
Do you want to live, or do you want to die?
i’ll leave that choice up to you to decide
but don’t try to control me with fear. Your reign is refused
I am free to do any mother fucking thing I want to
Get it? If you don’t like it and get offended. Good. Fuck you!
Kings and Queens are stripped of their power and become of no use
When they play the role of God when they’re not supposed to
It might seem odd of anyone that he could choose
he’d turn the hookers and users into Saints but it’s true
Look at Mary Magdalene. a lowly prostitute
so how do we evolve socially? think globally, act locally
when will our economy move on to land and grow the feet?
as the captain of the ship I apologize for the turbulence
growing up i was a loner no one talked to cuz i was the nerdiest/

Track Name: Just Like You (Produced by DJ Blacksheep)
Lyrics for "Just Like You"
by Chad Harrington (aka Mistah Write)

This is me, like a king, shinin’ bright with understanding
guide you through the night with a warm and safe landing
handing out love, leaving none stranded
Love is always in my hands, you just have to grasp it
I’m asking you, it’s passing too, it’s my teaching
It’s love, it’s love, it’s love which I’m preaching
Love is my light, like a light house shinin’ bright
giving sight to danger zones and safe places in your life
young children of God, I’m here as your guide
so follow me on this trip as we effortlessly glide
Don’t go nowhere, instead let’s look inside
allow your hearts to be free and like an Eagle take flight
Share this awareness, share it, share it
with no limits on our love it becomes apparent
we shouldn’t be discriminitive who we givin’ it, instead more careless
developing dexterity where we used to have impairments

are you stupid acting this way, or you must be thinking I am
Acting like an actress who just wants to waste my life again
now that I think about it you’re obviously just a dumbass
if you knew the pricetag on my fame you wouldn’t have done that/
everyone for years told me I should just leave you
now that I’m catching up with reality I can see it’s true
evolution is waiting, don’t worry I’ll push you further
but don’t fucking lie to me again or I might just have to hurt ya/
actually I blame myself, and that’s why I forgave you
at one time in my life, I used to be just like you/

Celebrate every day and night, each and every morning
make it a ritual but don’t do it for me
Do it for yourself, and never do it poorly
always do your best without a solitary worry/
serving those who serve me, a vagrant still I’m worthy
please provide with jobs, even if our clothes are dirty
maybe you’ll feel wrong, but it could take some time to help me
not be such a bum, learning to be clean and healthy/
you’ll receive my blessings no matter if you curse me
so endlessly forgiving that you’ll never wanna hurt me
don’t treat me as an asshole unless it’s obvious I deserve it
save me the hassle otherwise I’ll get back to workin/
who can be really trusted in this world of peasantry
always tryin’ to make a buck or atleast get one free